Collect the STARs

Align our Hearts

STAR Feature

STAR Features are NFC chips unique to each item. They are embedded in pins, plushes, etc. Scanning the STAR in-game will reveal a magical experience for you and your friends, in addition to serving as an authenticator of the product itself.

Touchable Magic

Most STAR features can be shared with friends! Just hold your friends' hands while scanning the applicable STAR.

(Please note that a compatible device is needed.)

Timeless Collectible

As a token of our appreciation for your support, STAR feature is a fun addition to some of Sky's merchandise. Have fun collecting all of your favorite cosmetics, characters and more in real life.

Exclusive Experience

STARs are unduplicable. You will be the exclusive owner of the STAR once it is bound to your account.

    STAR Protector

    STAR Protectors are NFC chips that serve as a great measure to protect the authenticity of Sky products. They are embedded in plushes, tags of all Sky Apparel, etc.

    Scanning the STAR Protector in-game will reveal an authenticity message.

    STAR Protector Products