Our Mission

After almost 17 years of game creations, at last we present this humble little shop to you!

Our mission is to bring the world of Sky to you through thoughtfully designed products reminiscent of your digital experiences. We hope our Sky creations are not seen as mere products, but rather a way to extend the beautiful memories and friendships you have made in Sky into the physical world. Each piece is inspired by the various stories, characters, and landscapes in Sky, and designed by an amazing team who loves Sky as much as you do. As our symbol of authenticity, STAR will be the cornerstone of our official collections. Many more exciting products and surprise features will come in the near future.

In our eyes, every soul on earth shares one language. That universal language is love. Through the various games created by TGC, we are the lucky ones to have found you, each an inspiring angel from Sky.

With love and gratitude,
We connect as one.
You are us,
We are you.