W9 - Bundle of Joy - Size and Details

Box of Memories II contains:
1 × You and I Pins (set of 2)
Product size Left pin: 29mm × 32mm × 2mm
Right pin: 34mm × 34mm × 2mm
Chain: 100mm
Main materials Brass, silver paint
Finish Hard enamel
Product weight 20.6g
1 × Secret of the Prairie Pin
Product size 52mm × 52mm × 6.5mm
Main materials Zinc alloy
Finish Hard enamel
Product weight 37.5g
1 × Fireworks Pin Set (set of 2)
Product size New Year Fireworks Pin: 45mm × 36mm × 2mm
Fortune Fireworks Pin: 38mm × 36mm × 2mm
Main materials Zinc alloy, clear paint, glitter
Finish Hard enamel
Product weight 22g
Package dimensions: ≈ 315mm × 100mm × 26mm
Sky Lucky Bag I
Product size

See pictures.

(Hand-made patches, please allow for slight differences in size.)

Main materials Polyester, adhesive
Care guide Please note that rubbing during wearing and leaving damp in water or sweat may cause the color to stain.
Use mild detergents only, do not bleach.
Do not leave under running water for an extended amount of time.
Do not tumble dry.
Shape before line dry.
Do not iron decorations.
Extended use under sunlight while damp may cause discoloration.
Wash immediately after use, line dry in the shade.
How to apply 1. Place the patch onto the desired area of a garment - pre-heat iron to 350F. Press the iron on top of the patch for 5 seconds and then on top of the fabric under the patch for 25 seconds. Set aside to cool and set.
2. Recommended step: place a light-colored cloth on top of the patch when pressing to prevent damage to the patch.
3. Sew a few stitches around the edge of the patch after ironing to strengthen the bond.
4. The iron-on method is recommended for cotton/linen fabric. Sew on the patches for sweaters/faux leather/lace garments instead.
*Please follow the instructions for application, and be careful of the iron's high temperature.
Sky Lucky Bag I package dimensions: 135mm × 110mm
Bunny Hair Ties
Product size Charm: 20mm × 25mm × 16mm
Elastic width: ≈ 3mm
Main materials Charm: acrylic
Elastic: rubber, polyester high stretch yarn
Product quantity Set of six
Package dimensions: ≈ 68mm × 110mm
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