W8/E1 - Lightseeker Umbrella - Size and Details

Lightseeker Umbrella
Designed with gratitude by thatgamecompany
Size & Features
Total length 85.0cm
Diameter 102.5cm
# of ribs 12
Weight 500g
Water repellant Yes
Waterproof NFC chip Yes
Open type Manual
NFC chip location Wrap tie
Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) ≥99%
Highest wind resistance speed tested 30.8 mph
Material Info
Fabric Double 190T Pongee
Frame Glass fiber
Shaft Aluminum
Handle Acrylic
Decorative beads Acrylic
Wrap tie button Copper
Sleeve 190T Pongee, hydrochromic logo
Package dimensions: 890mm × 170mm × 70mm