W12 - 5th Anniversary Box - Size and Details

5th Anniversary Box
5th Anniversary Little Oreo Keychain
Product size 6.7cm × 12.5cm × 10cm
Main materials 100% Polyester, Polyethylene
Product weight 58g
Cradle Carry Pin
Product size 3cm × 4.8cm × 0.2cm
Main materials Zinc alloy
Product weight ≈9.6g
Shrine Statue Stamp
Product size 6.2cm × 4.8cm × 7.8cm
Main materials Polyester Resin, Stainless Steel, zinc alloy
Product weight 176g
Constellation Table Silicone Mat
Product size Diameter 10cm × Thickness 0.5cm
Main materials Silicone
Product weight 33g
5th Anniversary Bookmark
Product size 5cm × 5.2cm × 0.5cm
Main materials Copper
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