W11 - Bundle of Courage - Size and Details

Designed with gratitude by thatgamecompany
Package dimensions: 240mm × 145mm × 135mm
Box of Courage includes:
1 × Enchantment Play Fight Pins (2 pc)
Product size Left: 37mm × 30mm × 2mm
Right: 38mm × 28mm × 2mm
Main materials Zinc alloy
Finish Hard enamel
Total weight 15.4g
1 × Dark Dragon Pin
Product size 45mm × 6mm
Main materials Zinc alloy, thermochromic paint, pearl paint
Finish Hard enamel with varnish
Product weight 45.5g
Instructions Thermochromic feature:
The Dark Dragon's eye located in the center of the pin contains thermochromic materials with a threshold temperature around 82.4°F (28°C) that can be triggered using body temperature. It may take longer to initiate the effect when the room temperature is low or the pin is still cold to the touch. Please do not use a direct flame, microwave, oven, or any hot objects on the pin to avoid damage.
1 × Dark Dragon Bucket Hat
Product size One-size, fits head size: 21.5 in. - 22.5 in. (55.5cm - 57.5cm)
Main materials 100% Cotton
Color Black
3 × Recharge Socks (pair)
Product size 170mm × 80mm one-size
Main materials 60% Cotton
20% Nylon
10% Polyester
10% Spandex
Color White, gray, black
Dark Dragon Plush
Product size ≈ 210mm × 210mm × 135mm
Main materials Polyester, zinc alloy, thermochromic paint
Product weight ≈ 135.8g
Package dimensions: ≈ 360mm × 250mm × 150mm