Production Assistant

Job type: Full-time

Location: Remote

The production assistant will assist the Production Director with communicating, planning, and managing production activities with various departments and the factory to meet manufacturing objectives in a timely manner. 

1. Responsible for communication between the design department and the production department, receipt, inspection, and confirmation of samples
2. Responsible for supervising the manufacturing process in the factory to ensure completion and quality
3. Responsible for analyzing production data
4. Supervise the implementation of the management system, management procedures, and management standards of the production department
5. Occasional Travel is required for factory sample signing

1. Obtained an Associate's degree or higher
2. Fluent in Chinese; Ability to converse in English is preferred
3. Proficient design knowledge with keen color acumen
4. Ability to read and understand design drafts
5. Excellent critical thinking and organizational skills
6. Responsible and deadline-oriented
7. Experience with production order control and coordination is preferred
8. Proficient in office software

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