English Editor

Job type: Part-time

Location: Remote

We are looking for an experienced English editor to join our team. The ideal candidate is creative, has excellent language expression skills, and can communicate our product ideas and company vision to fans with quality writing. 

1. Proofread and edit materials, including but not limited to website pages, social media posts, and other marketing content
2. Responsible for creative poem writing for products
3. Ensure all materials across platforms are culturally appropriate
4. Create, produce and manage high-quality social media content that will most appeal to and engage with the target audience

1. English is native language; Bachelor's degree in English Literature, Communication, Journalism or other closely related fields
2. Minimum of 2+ years of experience as an editor with a portfolio of published work
3. Excellent proofreading, editing, and copywriting skills
4. Strong data analysis, information gathering, and integration skills
5. Solid creative writing skills excellent written and verbal communication skills"
6. Ability to produce quality content on time
7. Active and creative thinker
8. Attention to detail and a strong sense of responsibility
9. Work well both independently and in a team setting

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