E2 - Bundle of Blossom - Size and Details

"Ocean meets Sky" Canvas Bag
Product size 350mm × 420mm × 8mm
Main materials Canvas bag: 100% cotton
Organizer pouch: DuPont™ Tyvek® material
DuPont™ and Tyvek® are trademarks or registered trademarks of DuPont de Nemours, Inc.
Product weight ≈ 200g
Package dimensions: 270mm × 210mm × 8mm
Bloom Pin
Product size 38mm × 36.9mm × 2mm
Main materials Zinc alloy, glitter
Finish Hard enamel with varnish
Product weight ≈10.8g
Package dimensions: 100mm × 100mm × 25mm
Bloom Cape Mug
Food-grade material; hand-wash only; do not heat up the mug using direct heat source/oven/microwave
Product size 132mm × 99mm × 85.5mm
Main materials Stoneware, thermochromic material
Product weight ≈383g
Package dimensions: 162mm × 116.5mm × 117mm
Bunny Plush Pin Keychain
Product size ≈ 55mm × 63mm × 50mm
Main materials Fabric: 97% polyester, 3% cotton
Stuffing: 100% polyester
Pin, keychain: 100% alloy
Product weight ≈ 25g
Package dimensions: ≈ 114mm × 140mm
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