Flowers in bloom will wither,
But the rose in your soul never dies.
The depths of dreams are a river,
Flowing from stars in your eyes.
Painting the spirit with color,
Stay true to our hearts in Sky.

3rd Anniversary Box includes...


(2022 Special Edition)

Friendships are statues of the soul, standing strong through time and space.
Take thatskykid's hand to celebrate the connections that link us to that Sky soul.

Scan the STAR to play with thatskykid for a limited duration (this STAR feature is only effective in the Vault of Knowledge).

Rainbow Spell Pin

Friendship is a rainbow connecting two souls.

Scan the STAR to cast a Rainbow that everyone can see at the current level for a limited duration.

3rd Anniversary Dark Dragon Keychain

Put a birthday hat on Dark Dragon to remember that there is always light worth celebrating!

Scan the STAR to celebrate with Dark Dragons in Sky.

3rd Anniversary Bookmark

The 3rd Anniversary Bookmark is full of our appreciation to you for joining our journey.