Welcome to the STAR Family

We care about you and want to protect the authenticity of your Sky products.
Introducing the STAR Protector, the STAR Feature, and the Holographic Laser Sticker.

STAR Protectors are NFC chips that serve as a great measure to protect the authenticity of Sky products. They are embedded in plushes, tags of all Sky Apparel, etc. Scanning the STAR Protector in-game will reveal an authenticity message.

STAR Feature

STAR Features are NFC chips unique to each item. They are embedded in pins, plushes, etc. Scanning the STAR in-game will reveal a magical experience for you and your friends, in addition to serving as an authenticator of the product itself.

Holographic Laser Stickers

All official Sky products have a holographic laser sticker on their packaging. These stickers are specifically designed with patterns and radiance to prevent replication.

We are truly grateful for you to be a part of the Sky community, and we hope these features can help you enjoy Sky products worry-free.