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The Art of Sky

Why did we make an Art Book?

From early 2012 and throughout development, it became apparent from the volume of iteration that a possible art book could exist one day. Mountains of sketchbooks, paintings, files, and documents were carefully stored, and as the game took shape, the ideas that blossomed and evolved into a rich and vibrant Sky world were assembled into a veritable treasure trove, The Art of Sky.

“It's a documentation of the creative process that we went through that the community and the fans can actually see.”

― Cecil Kim (Studio Art Director)

What has the process looked like?

The Art of Sky book has been in production for three years. A lot of time and careful attention was put into researching how to guarantee the level of quality and thoughtful presentation that Sky fans have come to expect. Our production process ensures that the artwork and memories within this book accurately convey the story of Sky's development from TGC's perspective.

“Going back and digging up all the sketches and artwork we’ve created and how I was able to trace my memories back and walk the steps that I took in those seven years was interesting. It was refreshing to remember the feeling, emotion, and excitement that I had at the time, and also the worries and uncertainties.”

― Yui Tanabe (Visual Development Lead)

What makes this book so special?

We wanted to push the boundaries of what defines an art book. Not only does it showcase the remarkable sketches, paintings, and concepts that laid the foundations for the game, it is a deep reflection on the emotional highs and lows behind the scenes experienced by TGC during the process of developing Sky.

The book is a true celebration of quality and design, crafted with premium materials to ensure faithful and accurate reproduction of the artworks and the commentary that accompany them. In addition, a special STAR feature has been developed and embedded into the book, giving you an exclusive, unique perspective of the game.

“I think what’s unique about this art book is that we really wanted to invite the reader to feel like they have a seat at the table, as though they were there at the time as an artist or developer alongside thatgamecompany.”

― Jennie Kong (Narrative Writer)

Why did we include fanart in this book?

Community takes pride of place at the heart of Sky. With so many talented fan artists sharing their unique perspectives and interpretations of Sky, it felt important to include some of these fan-created artworks in The Art of Sky. Towards the end of 2021 and start of 2022, TGC curated a small selection of fan art they enjoyed, and after consulting with the artists, these pieces found a special place in a section at the end of the book, aptly named "Orbit".

"Orbit" spans ten pages (242-251), eight of which showcase the fan art, and is included as an additional extra to a full and comprehensive exploration of Sky's development.

We understand the decision to include a selection of fan art may be considered unusual for fans in some countries, and we appreciate the opportunity to learn from these perspectives for future projects. We sincerely hope you're able to enjoy this brief flight through "Orbit", as a celebratory conclusion to TGC's visual odyssey through the development of Sky!

Did we include a STAR feature?

We try to find ways to make owning Sky merchandise more than simply owning a product. The same design principle is true for the art book, so we gave it the STAR treatment! Images and captions from the book were thoughtfully selected and referenced to create a set of captivating behind-the-scenes experiences which can be shared with friends!

Please note: The STAR feature can currently be scanned only on compatible mobile and Nintendo Switch devices.

What materials and processes did we use for production?

The dust jacket of The Art of Sky offers both protection and a pleasing aesthetic. Employing a double-layer embossed printing technique and premium protective material, it achieves a delicate three-dimensional effect. Underneath lies a hardcover bound in cloth in a customized classic TGC blue color, pearlescent paper, and an embossed effect that depicts two Sky kids holding hands. This collision of color and texture results in a beautifully minimalistic exterior.

Contained inside is an 8" NFC signal shielding card that protects the STAR chip. Printed with classic Sky imagery, this shielding card must be unsealed and removed in order to use the STAR feature. You may wish to re-use this card wherever you would like the added security of a signal shielding card, or keep it for display as a collectable postcard! This card is a small token gift to keep your STAR chip safe from unauthorized use prior to its arrival.

A special glow-in-the-dark blue fire icon greets you inside the book. May it glow in the darkness and guide you as you explore the unknown world of Sky with us. Additionally, each book is individually numbered. Your unique number is displayed next to a candle icon towards the back of the book. What will your "candle count" be?

The text and image pages are printed on premium speciality paper with excellent color reproduction, while the chapter pages featuring hand-drawn sketches are printed on vintage-effect paper to give a unique reading experience. The edges of the pages are wrapped in a custom light silver effect to give a charming uniform appearance.

As a pre-order bonus, a collectible set of 8 postcards and 3 posters will be included, making it a truly unique collector’s item worth cherishing. Just as each Child of Light brings us inspiration, we hope that each intricate detail we lovingly present can also ignite the light of exploration in your heart, inspire your creativity and passion, and warmly accompany you on your journey through life.

What is our hope for this book?

Our biggest hope is that this book will continue to foster a deeper connection between fans of Sky and the developers of the game. Through this book you can explore the intricacies involved in the evolution of ideas which ultimately determined what Sky: Children of the Light became at launch.

Sharing TGC’s development process will hopefully inspire future generations of players, artists, and developers who will one day tell their own stories through the medium of video games.

  • “Artworks are a tool of communication to make the final product. We didn’t make our art pieces to hang on the wall, we sketched some things on scraps of paper and some of those ideas became the trigger to make something that ended up becoming a great game.”

    ― Yui Tanabe

  • “It’s inspiring to see that so many interesting ideas were recorded in this book. I hope that future artists and game designers can be inspired by what we’ve recorded in this book when they make their own games or tell their own stories. This is something we’re very proud of.”

    ― Cecil Kim

Do we have any special events planned?

We have some wonderful book-signing opportunities and offline shop events planned for this year.
Please keep an eye on social media for exciting announcements from TGC and thatskyshop!

Do we accept feedback?

We understand how important it is to listen to our customers.
You are very welcome to contact us at to provide your feedback! How has your customer experience been? Are there products that you would like to see return to the store? Are there new products you would like us to develop in the future?
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