Designer Insight:

Dark Dragon Pin

We invite all Sky friends to join us for another behind-the-scenes look at the design process of thatskyshop! This time we will learn about the inspiration for the Dark Dragon pin and its message of hope.

Why Dark Dragons?

They are scary!

Dark Dragons are an unforgettable part of Sky. In a game full of friendship and light, these Dark Dragons are a symbol of the fear and doubt we experience when facing the unknown.However, the design team wanted to convey that we do not have to fear Dark Dragons, and if we can learn to overcome our fears in Sky, we can do the same in real life.

How is the final design selected?

It took a long time for the designers to find the best way to represent this message. Initially, they considered making the entire pin in the shape of a Dark Dragon, but found that the angular shape of its feet could lead to discomfort if they happened to poke its wearer. Instead, the team settled on a design which tells a story, in order to make it more memorable.


What do the features of the Dark Dragon Pin represent?

To bring this story to life, the designers incorporated multiple special design features, allowing the pin to rotate to display different images, and its eye to change color when warmed in the palm of your hand. (Note: Please only use body temperature to trigger this thermochromic effect!)

At first encounter, the angry Dark Dragon's eye and spotlight turn red when a traveler is detected. We can think of this traveler as a beginner player, alarmed and overwhelmed when first confronted by the Dark Dragon. But a Sky friend comes to their rescue, and we can rotate the pin to show that the light is blue – the traveler has escaped to safety.Meanwhile, warm the Dark Dragon's eye up with your hand and its eye will turn blue, indicatingit is no longer alert. The danger has passed!

Are there more ways than one to understand the Dark Dragon Pin?

Absolutely. Another way to interpret the message of the pin is to recognize that by confronting our fears, such as the Dark Dragon, we transform ourselves from "beginners" to "leaders", who take the hands of other travelers and show them the way.

Why does the STAR feature cause players to lose their winged light?

The messages of the pin are reinforced by the STAR feature. Losing winged light represents unfortunate events in our life, out of our control and meant to be avoided. By activating the STAR feature, we can get this effect anywhere, showing that you can trip and fall anywhere in life, but you can always get back up and pick up your winged light! If we struggle to do so, our friends can help us regain our wings and take to the Sky once more.

A Message From The Design Team

The story contained with the Dark Dragon pin serves as a permanent reminder that we can overcome our fears and grow, no matter what life has in store for us. We hope you can return to this pin to find courage, and that it fills you with hope for brighter days ahead. See you in Sky!