Designer Insight:

Cape Mug Collection

With the release of the new Bloom Cape Mug, let's explore its features and design ideas together.

Why did we choose Bloom Cape for the new design?

We wanted to celebrate Days of Bloom by showing appreciation of nature and the delight of springtime, which brings joy for us all. We made this sturdy mug from stoneware and settled on the Bloom Cape design to show our love for the beauty of flower blossoms.

The stars on the mug "charge up", how did we land on this idea?

The mugs "light up" in response to hot drinks. This idea came from charging the stars on the cape in-game. We hope Sky friends feel "charged up" or "empowered" when drinking from this mug too! (Note: To achieve the full effect, we recommend pouring your hot beverage into the Cape Mug slowly!)

What were the biggest challenges in designing this mug?

All mugs are handcrafted, so we had to spend extra time and energy on quality control. In the process of manufacturing the mugs, the most challenging thing was to create the gradient of colors on the Bloom Cape Mug. The sprayed-on paint has to be done one-by-one by hand. We tested multiple spraying patterns and materials to find the best way to express the delicatepink color of the petals.

How did you decide on specific color shades for the mug?

The colors were inspired by the capes in-game. We slightly adapted the colors from the game to create a more natural look on the mug to blend in.

I'm building a Cape Mug collection! Can we expect more in the future?

We are planning to add more cape inspired mugs to the collection, so please subscribe to our newsletter and stay tuned!

A Message From the Design Team

"The Cape Mugs contain our love and appreciation for each Sky friend and for nature. We hope the Cape Mugs will help you refresh and warm up in your every day life. May Sky light your wings!"