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Bundle of Love

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Let your heart soar with majestic mantas as you dazzle with the stunning Manta Jewelry Set. The AI Love Sky Keychain brings a playful expression of love to attach to your keys or purse, while the Message Boats Memo Pad lets you leave little notes of Love in your world. Complement your set with a pin of your choice from the newest releases - what message of Love will you communicate?

STAR Feature

AI LOVE SKY KEYCHAIN: Scan the STAR to get a random "wuhu(woo-hoo)" call sound.

DAY & NIGHT PIN: Scan the STAR to switch your view of the Home from day to night for you and for the friends you're holding hands with for a limited duration.

LOVE SEESAW PIN: Scan the STAR to get a Love Seesaw with the friends that you're holding hands with for a limited duration.

NATURE TURTLE PIN: Scan the STAR to summon the Days of Nature Turtle in the underwater area near Sanctuary Islands (note that this turtle will not spawn Light or grow dark plants on its back).

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Size & Details

Bundle of Love includes:
AI Love Sky Keychain
Product size Key ring diameter: 30mm
Attachments: 42.8mm × 36mm
Main materials Zinc alloy, iron, brass, glitter
Finish Hard enamel
Product weight 36.3g
Package dimensions: 168mm × 109mm × 38mm
Manta in Sky Jewelry Set
Product size Pendant: 21mm × 21mm
Chain: 450mm
Chain extension: 50mm
Earring: 11mm × 12mm × 12mm
Main materials 925 silver, rhinestone, 18k gold plating, platinum plating
Package dimensions: 89mm × 89mm × 66mm
Message Boats Memo Pad
Product size 210mm × 148mm × 6.5mm
Main materials Cover and back: 310 gsm Paper Sense water-resistant paper
Pages: 145 gsm Paper Sense water-resistant paper
Product weight ≈ 150g
Package dimensions: ≈ 214mm × 152mm × 8.5mm
Plus one pin of your choice
Day & Night Pin
Product size 40mm × 40mm × 6mm
Main materials Zinc alloy, luminous powder, pearl paint, glitter
Finish Hard enamel
Product weight 36.3g
Package dimensions: 100mm × 100mm × 25mm
Love Seesaw Pin
Product size 45mm × 36mm × 7mm
Main materials Zinc alloy, pearl paint, luminous powder, zircon
Finish Hard enamel
Product weight ≈ 21.7g
Package dimensions: 100mm × 100mm × 25mm
Nature Turtle Pin
Product size 42mm × 40mm × 2mm
Main materials Zinc alloy, glitter, clear paint, pearl paint
Finish Hard enamel, clear paint
Product weight 15g
Package dimensions: 100mm × 100mm × 25mm
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