thatskyjournal:Book of Dreams

Nature Nature


When I arrived home after a busy day, I launched Sky and started my daily quests alone as I usually do. Through the clouds and haze, listening to the sound of the wind sweeping past my ears, my heart seemed to lighten up.

Where should I rest today?


I stopped at the Village of Dreams, carefully took out my new pin, and scanned the STAR. Wow, it really was the Bloom Tea Set! I sat down contentedly, curiously examining the vase of flowers on the table, wondering if the buds would bloom if I sat longer.

A stranger flew from afar circled around me. We lit each other up and bowed. They were wearing a pink bloom cape with two tiny flowers in their hair...They were super cute! I sat back down at the tea table and watched them, with both anticipation and concern, to see how they would react. I didn't expect them to sit down at the table. Didn't know what to say; I reached for my cup of tea to cover up my panic. When the cup was empty, their words finally broke the silence.

"Would the Elder of the Valley usually come to this village to skate?"


I looked up, a little stunned, and then felt amused. I found myself smiling as I began to reply. Our messages seemed to turn into pictures, adding a bit of warmth and liveliness to the icy Village of Dreams.

The afterglow of the sunset spilled on the snow of the eaves; the ice crystals reflected a dazzling light. The tea was refilled over and over again; the clouds in the sky were light and pure. The flowers in the vase are still budding, but the friendship in our hearts has blossomed.